About Our “Why”

While VBP’s mission, “Getting Veterans Into Business,” describes what we do, our “why” is especially important. Learn more about the importance of our mission and our “why” by watching VBP Co-Founder and CEO Lynn Lowder’s conversation with Chicago News Channel 9 – WGN.

  • For decades, when leaving active duty, our veterans always seek to find their purpose and occupational lane in life going forward.
  • WW II veterans clearly established that being in business for themselves successfully addressed both of those concerns. In fact, 49.7% of them became successful small business owners. Our current veterans deserve that same opportunity. In so doing, they also can find their occupational purpose in the next stage of their life.
  • Veteran suicide is a longstanding, sorrowful issue in America, and, in our experience, loss of hope is the last thing that occurs before some veterans make that tragic decision. VBP is on the frontline, mentoring veterans one-on-one in a trust-based relationship and assisting in their entrepreneurial journey. Hope for their future is always at the core of everything we do. We sincerely believe that the accomplishment of our mission can also help reduce veteran suicide.

Your support is the key to unlocking a brighter future for our veterans. Join us in making a tangible impact on their lives by contributing to VBP today. Your donation is more than just a financial contribution; it’s a vote of confidence in the potential of our veterans and a commitment to reducing veteran suicide.

Help Us Provide Hope and Save Lives

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