Veterans Business Project
Veterans Business Project

Clint Karamath appointed to Veteran Business Project’s Advisory Board

Veteran Business Project is pleased to announce the appointment of Clint Karamath to its Advisory Board. Clint is a proud “Army Brat” who lived in various military installations around the world. Upon graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY in 1991, he was commissioned as an Infantry Officer.

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Veterans Business Outreach Centers

Veteran Business Project was recently introduced to the leaders of the various SBA Veterans Business Outreach Centers (VBOCS) nationwide, 22 organizations in all. The VBOC program is designed to provide entrepreneurial development to transitioning service members, and military spouses interested in starting or growing a small business. VBP will be a readily-available asset to assist the various VBOC organizations in delivering their important entrepreneurship service mission. #military #smallbusiness #business #development #entrepreneurship #veterans

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National Veterans Small Business Week

Join us as we celebrate veteran-owned businesses across the country from November 1-5, 2021

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) celebrates, connects, and empowers aspiring and current service members, veterans, National Guard and Reserve members, and military spouse entrepreneurs during National Veterans Small Business Week.
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Preeminent attorney Mark Spognardi joins Veteran Business Project to help military veterans buy businesses.

Attorney Spognardi, of Spognardi-Baiocchi offers his time, knowledge, and experience to help veterans acquire and build their own businesses.

Mr. Spognardi focuses on representing management in traditional and non-traditional labor and employment law matters, including counseling, litigation, and appellate work. His practice includes representation in unfair labor practice and representation proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board; union-free campaigns; employment discrimination matters before federal and state anti-discrimination agencies and federal courts; Section 301 lawsuits; contract negotiations and arbitrations; drug and alcohol testing; occupational safety and health (OSHA
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U.S. combat veteran, Eric Quandt runs Colorado Marathon to raise money for other veterans

Eric Quandt is a United States veteran on a very special mission.

After serving in the United States military, Eric learned the value of sacrificing self for the benefit of the whole team.  He realized that by working together, a group can have a great impact on the lives of those involved in a mission.
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From WWll to now…Getting veterans into business for themselves is a challenge.

From WWll to now...Getting veterans into business for themselves is a challenge. In the 9 years following WW II, 49.7% of America’s veterans went into business for themselves. Post 9/11, it’s in the range of 5-6%. The predominant reason for this dramatic decline is lack of access to capital. Veteran Business Project is making a significant difference for the better with our unique “vharmony” business matchmaking strategy. We match veterans/milspouses seeking to become small business owners with viable small business owners looking to sell. Many baby-boomer small business owners are looking to transition into full retirement. There will be a lot of viable business ownership opportunities available on the backside of this COVID challenge. Check us out...stay tuned.

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Webinar COVID-19 Small Business survival

Veteran Business Project personal provide nationwide webinar on COVID-19 Small Business survival. Stephanie Brown, CEO/Founder of The Rosie Network and a VBP Advisory Board member, hosted an innovative/informative national webinar to address the challenges facing veteran/milspouse small business owners. VBP’s CEO (Lynn Lowder), COO (Jim Wong) and CFO (Fred Parrish) provided critical information on federal loan programs, financial management for the near/long term, opportunities for mergers/acquisitions and more. Additional webinars will be announced soon.

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SBA is preparing to disburse funds.

The SBA is preparing to disburse funds under the Paycheck Protection Program. Please spread the word...and stay tuned.

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Missouri Passes Veteran Small Business Loan Guaranty Bill Initiated by 1 Vet At A Time (now, Veteran Business Project)

Missouri Passes Veteran Small Business Loan Guaranty Bill Initiated By 1 Vet At A Time (1VAAT) (now, Veteran Business Project). Missouri recently signed into law the House Bill 1503 which provides state guaranteed small business loans to Missouri military veteran entrepreneurs. 1VAAT worked cooperatively with Missouri State Representative Dean Dohrman in getting this ground breaking legislation drafted and passed. 1VAAT has now successfully initiated veteran small business loan guarantee legislation in two states (Illinois and Missouri)...with 48 states to go. A laborious process, this effort has never before been identified as a necessary goal for our veterans nor undertaken by anyone, much less a small team of self-funded, motivated volunteers. Lack of access to small business loans is THE primary reason why only 6% of our post 9/11 veterans are in business for themselves, as opposed to 49% of our WW II veterans. Recently re-named and re-branded the “Veteran Business Project” (VBP), we are now working to more rapidly advance this important state-by-state legislation nationwide in tandem with the National Guard.

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