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Operation Connect-A-Vet

Recognizing Veterans: A Simple Way to Make a Big Difference Recognizing the sacrifices of our veterans and supporting them is something we all aspire to do. However, it's often challenging to know where to begin. That's why we’re proud to introduce you to Operation Connect-A-Vet. This initiative, led by Illinois Joining Forces, is designed to make it simple and impactful to recognize and support veterans. It offers a direct way for friends and family to arrange wellness calls, ensuring that veterans are doing well and are connected with a dedicated team ready to assist them with housing, food, employment, healthcare, and more. Taking Action is Simple: Reach Out: Call a veteran in your life and ask them how they're doing. A simple conversation can be a meaningful gesture of appreciation. Submit a Connect-A-Vet Request: If you believe a veteran needs more support, submit a request by calling 1-833-INFO IJF (463-6453), emailing [email protected], or using the Connect-AVet form on www.illinoisjoiningforces.org. Identify Services: Our dedicated team members are skilled at connecting veterans with housing, food, employment, mental health services, and other critical needs. Operation Connect-A-Vet is active from November 1 through the end of the year, ensuring veterans and military families receive support during the holiday season. Join us in recognizing and supporting our Veterans. Together, we can make a significant impact. For more information, visit illinoisjoiningforces.org

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Celebrating Ongoing Success at Dari Delight

At VBP, we believe in fostering success and supporting our veterans in every step of their entrepreneurial journey. Last year, with the guidance and assistance of Dale Eisenberg, the President and Co-Founder of VBP, Lucas Horg embarked on an exciting venture by acquiring Dari Delight. Today, we're pleased to share the progress and growth that Dari Delight has achieved. Located at 961 East High Street, Hicksville, OH 43526, Dari Delite remains a beloved local hotspot, offering delectable treats tantalizing the taste buds. From the moment you step inside, you're greeted with warmth and delight. Under Lucas Horg's leadership, Dari Delite has flourished. A significant part of this success can be attributed to the incredible employees. Their hard work, dedication, and commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences have been pivotal in Dari Delite's journey. At VBP, we know that success is a collaborative effort, and we're immensely proud to see Lucas and the Dari Delite team thrive. Our commitment to their success continues beyond the purchase. Dale Eisenberg and VBP continue to provide unwavering mentorship, offering guidance and insights to address any business challenges they encounter. At VBP, we view our veterans as family and are pleased to witness the success of Lucas, the Dari Delite team, and the business. As a testament to our enduring support, we're always just a phone call away, ready to provide the guidance and assistance needed to ensure every VBP member [...]

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Interview with VetBizTV

Watch as Lynn Lowder, CEO & Co-Founder of VBP, joins Brian Regnier on VetBizTV to unveil how we're equipping veterans and military spouses for business ownership. If you know a Veteran or military spouse interested in becoming an entrepreneur, please share this video with them. If you are interested in learning more, register here.

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Guiding Veterans with a Hands-On, Personal Approach to Becoming Business Owners

At Veterans Business Project, we are dedicated to empowering veterans on their journey to becoming successful entrepreneurs. With a hands-on and personalized approach, we support veterans like Marine veteran Charles Myart in achieving their business dreams. Recently, our President, Co-Founder, and Business Coach, Dale Eisenberg, met with Charles to explore a potential deal to purchase an existing Original Pancake House in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Dale Eisenberg, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 45 years of experience owning restaurants, knows the importance of a hands-on approach. When Charles expressed interest in the Original Pancake House, Dale personally traveled to the location to assess the property alongside him. This first-hand inspection allowed Dale to provide invaluable insights and share his expertise, ensuring Charles had all the necessary information to make an informed decision. At VBP, we believe in the power of experience and personalized support for veterans entering the business world. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond just the initial deal; we are committed to guiding veterans throughout the entire purchasing process. With our business coaches' wealth of experience and knowledge, we offer veterans a unique advantage in navigating the complexities of business ownership. Even after the purchase, we remain available to speak with veterans and provide ongoing assistance to ensure their success as entrepreneurs. If you are a veteran or military spouse interested in becoming a business owner, we encourage you to register today. Our specialized business coaching services are completely free. We believe [...]

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Why sellers sell profitable businesses (that you can buy).

If you want to become an entrepreneur, have you considered purchasing a business? While many think of starting a new business, acquiring an existing one can offer a faster launch with fewer pitfalls. Contrary to common belief, the sale of a business doesn't necessarily indicate poor performance. Codie A. Sanchez, Founder of Contrarian Thinking and a Private Equity Investor, recently shared a list of reasons businesses sell on LinkedIn. In this post, we've included her post for your convenience. If you are ready to take the next step? Register with VBP today, and we'll guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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Become Match Ready

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VBP Is Proud to Connect with Service Members at TAP

Veteran Business Project is thrilled to connect with the upcoming TAP (Transition Assistance Program) class at USCG Air Station Miami, Florida. In addition to the upcoming class in Miami, VBP is a regular speaker at TAP classes held at the Great Lakes Navel Academy. Our mission to help veterans and military spouses become entrepreneurs coincides excellently with TAP as service members plan their transition to civilian life. VBP provides resources and guidance at no cost to veterans, assisting them in identifying their goals and finding suitable business opportunities. What is TAP For out supports who may be unaware, TAP is a collaborative effort among various government agencies, including the Department of Labor, Defense, Education, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, Small Business Administration, and Office of Personnel Management. It aims to prepare service members for their transition to civilian life. Your continued support helps make it possible for VBP to work with veterans as they transition into civilian life. How VBP Supports Veterans Transitioning from Military Service to Civilian Life:  VBP offers personalized mentoring and guidance to veterans and military spouses, helping them navigate buying a business. Our dedicated team works closely with each veteran, mapping out the necessary steps and providing support until the completion of their business venture. Contact Us For Assistance Please contact us if you are part of a team putting together TAP resources. We are committed to helping veterans achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Visit our website or contact us directly to learn more. [...]

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