Missouri Passes Veteran Small Business Loan Guaranty Bill Initiated By 1 Vet At A Time (1VAAT) (now, Veteran Business Project).

Missouri recently signed into law the House Bill 1503 which provides state guaranteed small business loans to Missouri military veteran entrepreneurs. 1VAAT worked cooperatively with Missouri State Representative Dean Dohrman in getting this ground breaking legislation drafted and passed. 1VAAT has now successfully initiated veteran small business loan guarantee legislation in two states (Illinois and Missouri)…with 48 states to go. A laborious process, this effort has never before been identified as a necessary goal for our veterans nor undertaken by anyone, much less a small team of self-funded, motivated volunteers. Lack of access to small business loans is THE primary reason why only 6% of our post 9/11 veterans are in business for themselves, as opposed to 49% of our WW II veterans.

Recently re-named and re-branded the “Veteran Business Project” (VBP), we are now working to more rapidly advance this important state-by-state legislation nationwide in tandem with the National Guard.