U.S. Army combat veteran runs Colorado Marathon to raise money for other veterans

Eric Quandt is a United States veteran on a very special mission.

After serving in the United States military, Eric learned the value of sacrificing self for the benefit of the whole team.  He realized that by working together, a group can have a great impact on the lives of those involved in a mission. In October 2021, Eric decided to complete a special mission for Veteran Business Project, a non-profit, pro-veteran organization he wants to help. His mission was to complete the Colorado Marathon, a 26.2-mile race based in Fort Collins, CO. The reason for this mission was to raise funds for other veterans, and to help them locate and purchase businesses post active-duty.  After transitioning to civilian life, veterans often find it difficult to get funding, find business opportunities, and secure experienced mentors to help them.
“Not only do veterans need money to acquire businesses, they also need coaching from seasoned business experts,” says Quandt. He adds “That is what Veteran Business Project is all about.  We want veterans to get the help they need to buy a business of their own.  We want them to get the resources they require and the training to help them succeed.  It’s our way of giving back so veterans have their chance at living the American Dream.”
With all of his sponsors, Eric was able to raise over $4000.  He finished the exhausting 26.2 miles by crossing the finish line carrying his daughter, Hudson, across with him. Quandt added, “It was a long day, and I was really tired and sore the next day.  But it was all worth it to give a gift to a veteran in need.”
Eric Quandt Runs for Veterans
Eric Quandt Finsh Line