Our unique vharmony™️ matchmaking services are free to every veteran and military spouse registering with VBP.  Each registrant is provided an experienced Business Mentor at the appropriate time, who will mentor them through the entire process, including seeking out suitable funding options. Sign up now to get started. It’s that simple.


 Getting Veterans and military spouses into Business is what we’re all about. If you are an established business owner and considering selling your business, we can help match you to a veteran who wants to buy. ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.


Thank you for coming alongside us to help our veterans in such a meaningful way…by getting them into business for themselves. Every veteran and military spouse registering with us is assigned a Business Mentor who will mentor them through the challenges of acquiring and operating a business. Your gift is essential and helps facilitate those efforts. VBP assistance doesn’t end with a veteran completing the task of establishing their own business…the relationship they’ve established with their Business Mentor will last a lifetime. Through your support, VBP will continue offering ongoing services whenever and for as long as our veterans their spouses may need them.

What Can VBP Do For You?

Learn more about VBP in this Introduction Video

Episode 1: How Veteran Business Project can help you become an Entrepreneur

The First Installment of an Eight-Part Series

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Throughout my business career, Lynn has been an exceptional mentor and a steadfast resource. His unwavering dedication to guiding me through the complexities of mergers and acquisitions, as well as his invaluable insights into creating more value for veterans, employees, and our communities, have been instrumental in my professional growth.”

Kris Larson, Sounds Creative Solutions

“Knowing that I had a group of veterans who were there to help me definitely gave me the confidence boost I needed at such a life-changing, pivotal moment in my life.”

Luke McDonald, Brick City Martial Arts

“From the start, Stephanie and Tracy at VBP have been phenomenal. I was surprised at how quickly I was contacted after I made my initial inquiry, and that speed has only increased throughout the time they have been assisting me. I originally made contact looking for assistance with registering with the City of Chicago as a VOSB. As this is a new program for VBP as well, they did not always have all the answers I needed immediately, but with their top-notch communication as well as their direct point of contact at the city, all my questions were answered in very little time.”

Daniel Thompson, Huff-n-Puff Fitness Repair

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