Hooked On Books

Hooked On Books

For many book lovers, owning a bookstore is a dream come true. For Joseph and Mikayla Shearer, that dream has become a reality. The couple recently purchased Hooked on Books, a beloved independent bookstore at 3918 Maizeland Road in Colorado Springs. The store had been owned and operated by Mary and Jim Ciletti for 42 years before they decided to sell it.

Joe served in the United States Marine Corps and is excited to bring his leadership skills and discipline to running the bookstore. He and Mikayla are also thrilled to be a part of the community and have received a warm welcome from customers and fellow business owners in the area.

The purchase of Hooked on Books wasn’t without its challenges, but the Shearers had the support of  Veterans Business Project, which helps veterans and their families become entrepreneurs. VBP assisted with obstacles that arose during the closing process, allowing Joe and Mikayla to get up and running quickly.

If you’re in Colorado Springs and love books, stop by Hooked on Books to support this beloved independent bookstore and its new owners. And if you want to learn more about Joe and Mikayla Shearer’s journey to owning Hooked on Books, check out this article from The Gazette: https://gazette.com/business/hooked-on-books-new-ownership/article_2117bb60-d587-11ed-b3fa-733bee314258.html. Let’s wish them all the best in their new endeavor!

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