Veterans Business Project
Veterans Business Project

On Memorial Day, in particular, this is a powerful, poignant message. The sacrifice of these two fine, young Marines…and those like them since 1775 to the present…is precisely why America has survived and prospered as it has. It is they who’ve kept “the wolf away” from America’s doorstep to the present time. Freedom has never been free and never will be. God bless these fine American warriors and all those like them.

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Veteran Business Project Is Promoting A State Guaranteed Military Veteran Small Business Loan Program Across America

Lynn Lowder, Co-CEO of the Veteran Business Project, recently traveled to Missouri to meet with key personnel regarding the promotion of a Missouri veterans' state-guaranteed small business loan program.  Other states to be approached near-term are Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Nevada, Colorado and California.  The Veteran Business Project's mission is to advance this program across America. Small business has always been the back-bone of the American economy and our country needs a small-business resurgence.  Our military veterans richly deserve the opportunity to be a part of that effort and the Veteran Business Project is working to make their small business goals a reality.

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Illinois’ Military Veteran Loan Guaranty Program Has A Leader In Place

1 VET AT A TIME was instrumental in the successful promotion and unanimous passage of Illinois Senate Bill 324 which created groundbreaking ability for a resident Illinois veteran to apply for a state-guaranted small business loan.  The State of Illinois recently appointed Patrick Evans to head up this program.  Interested Illinois veterans can find out more about the program by contacting Mr. Evans via email at: or by telephone at: 618-741-1818.

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PODCAST: 1 VET AT A TIME by Marine Veteran Lynn Lowder

1 VET AT A TIME Chief Executive Officer, Lynn Lowder, recently gave a podcast interview detailing the persistent challenge of lack of access to capital for military veterans who want to start their own business. 1 VET AT A TIME is leading the way in a very important, state-level initiative across the nation.  

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