The Veteran (Semi) Professional

The Veteran (Semi) Professional Podcast Ep. 191: Leading Recon Marines in Vietnam, Business Success, and Finding the Meaningful Chapter Helping Veterans with Lynn Lowder We are excited to share the latest podcast from The Veteran (Semi) Professional featuring VBP's own Lynn Lowder as he talks to you on a remarkable journey of leadership and mentorship. This podcast touches on Lynn's life, from leading recon Marines in Vietnam to his success as a trial attorney. However, Lynn's true calling emerged when he dedicated himself to helping veterans find their meaningful chapters in life. Through VBP, Lynn passionately guides veterans toward personal and professional fulfillment. His insightful perspectives on success in leadership, business, relationships, and life resonate with audiences ranging from executives and military personnel to coaches, athletes, and parents. Join Lynn Lowder and Mark on an empowering journey where he shares invaluable insights and supports veterans in discovering their purpose and making a meaningful impact. Click here to enjoy the latest podcast episode from The Veteran (Semi) Professional.