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Veteran Business Project’s staff and Business Mentor provide hands-on guidance and mentoring to Military, Veterans, and Spouse small business owneroperators including, but not limited to, entrepreneurship training, business opportunity referrals and more. This ongoing commitment to our military veterans underlies the essence of what the Veteran Business Project is all about – making a positive contribution in the lives of our veterans – by Getting Veterans into Business.


We strongly encourage all who care about our veterans to get actively involved in helping them lead productive lives. In many cases, it is as simple as finding and befriending one veteran. It is as simple as taking a sincere interest in that veteran and any day-to-day challenge she/he may be facing. A good message on why this is so very important is set forth in this video message:

Mike Haynie at TEDx University of Nevada

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In the News

Chicago Fire Boat Tours

Navy veterans Ray Novak and Erich Totsch had a dream of purchasing and converting the 1930s-era Fred A. Busse firefighting boat that served Chicago for many decades. Their vision was to bring the relic back to life and provide historic tours along the Chicago [...]

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