Robin Schaffer

CDO | CMO, 2013-2023


In Loving Memory of Robin Schaffer

We are honoring the memory of Robin Schaffer, our Chief Development Officer (CDO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) from 2013 to 2023, who was an essential part of Veteran Business Project from the beginning. Robin’s creative spirit helped define our organization. It contributed significantly to its success, and her unwavering commitment to our mission was pivotal in establishing VBP as a beacon of support for veterans. She shared her creativity, insight, and passion, shaping the organization into what it is today.

Robin’s legacy is etched in the fabric of VBP, reminding us of the transformative power one individual can wield to pursue a noble cause.

We express our deepest gratitude for the precious time we shared with Robin as our dear friend, mentor, and advocate. Though we will miss her greatly, her memory will inspire us to strive for excellence, compassion, and innovation. We are profoundly grateful that she dedicated her time and talents to the noble cause of supporting veterans.

Robin Schaffer, may your soul find eternal peace and your legacy endure forever.

With heartfelt remembrance,

Veteran Business Project Family